Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Introducing the Box APEX Library for Force.com


At Box, we believe that innovation in the enterprise is possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of the Box APEX library for Force.com. You can now easily integrate the full functionality of Box’s cloud content management platform with Force.com, the proven platform on which to build enterprise cloud apps.

Simple, open, mobile content sharing

Accessing and sharing content in a post-PC world is vital. Yet for most business users, this experience is disjointed. Most of the storage and sharing models that come built into mobile devices and apps are limited, and siloed. The Box platform makes it easy to share and manage business content from within cloud apps, in a way that’s simple and secure. And with the new APEX Library, it just got easier. Force.com developers looking to build the next generation of social enterprise apps can use APEX classes to call the entire Box REST API.

Here’s a quick sample of what you can do, right from your Force.com app:

  • Upload and download files from your computer directly into Box
  • Share files privately and securely with anyone
  • Easily navigate to, rename, delete or move files and/or folders stored in Box
  • Invite, or remove collaborators to any file and/or folder within Box.
  • And much more…

Get started today, and don’t forget to stop by our booth at Cloudstock!

The Box APEX library for Force.com code is open source and available on GitHub. You’ll find all the documentation you need to augment your social enterprise app with the Box functionality that users and IT departments love.

We’ll also be at Cloudstock on March 15th. So drop by our booth to learn more, and see what’s possible on the Box platform. You can register for Cloudstock for FREE right here. See you there!


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  • http://www.superspeedlearning.com/ instant speed learning

    Indeed. I certainly agree with you.

  • http://twitter.com/AvinavaM Avi

    Never knew the Box APEX library for Force.com that I coded was made official!! Really happy to a see a blog about the library.

    • DJ

      Hi Avinava, do you have the documentation….as non of the GitHub links are working.

      • Avinava Maiti

        I think this toolkit is deprecated, Box.com has released a API V2 and the version I was working on used API V1. Anyways you can check the V1 here https://github.com/Avinava/box-apex-sdk

        • DJ

          Need some help with Box Integration with SalesForce….what is the best way to kick start learning?

  • Harvin

    Is it removed from the GitHub(https://github.com/box/box-apex-sdk)?. It says File Not Found error.