Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Deploying to Cloud Foundry and Heroku from Box


Today we’re launching a feature that we hope will make the development process a ton easier. Some of the biggest challenges a developer faces include figuring out how to host their application, what server configurations to use, what providers to use… a lot of things that don’t really affect the end user unless something goes wrong. Worrying about these things detracts from the time you could be dedicating to building out the best user experience for your application.

In order to help alleviate this problem, we’ve integrated two of the leading Platform-as-a-Service providers, VMWare Cloud Foundry and Heroku, into our developer site. Now deploying your app is as easy as registering for an API key.

To see how this works, head over to the Developer Services page and select (or create) the application you want to deploy. You’ll see a new section in the center called ‘Cloud Services’. Select one of the options here and in just a few clicks, you’ll have a shiny new Box app running on your chosen provider.

The app showcases a number of the main functions in our API (there are plenty more however) and can serve as a good base for whatever app you’re building. Since you have access to all of the code in the app, you’re free to hack and alter it to your heart’s content. We recorded a few screencast which you can view below to get started. Stay tuned to our developer blog for more tips on how to work with both Cloud Foundry and Heroku.


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  • William Higgins

    The “Developer Services Page” link is broken.

    • Sean Rose

      Thanks for pointing this out… updated!

  • Monica Wilkinson

    Yup link to check it out is
    Have fun !

  • Daniel O’Leary

    Hey Sean, where is the link to the cloud services? Not seeing it in the developer portal.

    • Sean Rose

      Looks like I wasn’t perfectly clear about that. It’s after you select one of the applications… post amended to reflect that.