Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

More sample code for the API – Visual Basic


For our developers who expressed interest in creating some simple integrations with Box using Visual Basic, we have some helper code to offer, thanks to the efforts of David Roberts. You can download his basic sample code from our documentation page to get started.

David’s code can help you to get familiar with the basic methods of our API, such as the authentication process, downloading and uploading files, and viewing the structure of a user’s account tree. Just enter your own API key into the code (obtained when registering an OpenBox service), and you’ll have this simple, customizeable Visual Basic application running in no time.

Post by Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager

  • Quattrocchi8

    Great opportunity then. Good to know this.

  • Marc

    Hi Jeremy,

    Where is the sample code for VB located?

    Marc Paquette

  • Victor Marques

    Nice blog.

  • Ryan Off

    Where are the VB sample files and documentation? I can’t find them traversing the Documentation section.

  • Ross

    Jeremy – I apologise for igniting and old blog article but I would appreciate you sharing a link to the VB code snippets. Thanks